Victory? In Canada?? – The Dominion Report, February 2, 2024

Alberta Bans Transgender Surgery for Minors, Protects Women’s Sports  The Story: Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Announced Wednesday that her Government will introduce legislation to ban transgender surgeries for all minor aged children, ban hormone therapy for children under 16, and prohibit biological men from participating in women-only sporting events. Premier Smith also announced that her […]

The top four stories of 2023 – The Dominion Report, December 30, 2023

2023 brought a variety of “big news stories.” A few will have long-lasting consequences in the years to come.  Here are four stories that changed Canada’s cultural landscape: Massacre in Israel Ignites Wave of Anti-Semitism On October 7, 2,000 Hamas terrorists murdered, raped, and kidnapped thousands of innocent Israeli citizens without regard. Terrorist-recorded footage revealed […]

Horrific attack may have changed everything – The Dominion Report, October 14, 2023

Hamas Attacks Israel, Killing Hundreds and Igniting Major War The Story: On Saturday October 7, Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, launched a full-scale assault on the nation of Israel resulting in the deadliest day for Jewish people since the Holocaust. The assault began with a bombardment by thousands of missiles in a coordinated attack intended […]

Safety Isn’t First – The Dominion Report, September 16, 2023

Conservatives Approve Multiple Socially Conservative Resolutions at National Convention The Story: Gathered at the Party’s 2023 National Convention in Quebec City, Conservative members overwhelmingly approved multiple social conservative policy resolutions. One resolution, focused on protecting biologically-defined single-sex spaces, received 86% support from the delegates. Other successful resolutions include a policy condemning the expansion of assisted […]

The Higgs effect, Peterson punished, and a mixed bag of justice – The Dominion Report, August 26, 2023

Prairie Provinces Follow Higgs on Gender Policy The Story: Saskatchewan and Manitoba are set to follow New Brunswick in protecting parental rights. On August 20, the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives announced a swath of additional protections for parental rights in education as part of their re-election bid, including advanced notice of curriculum and third-party presentations. Two days […]

The end of news in Canada?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Wife Sophie Announce Separation The Story: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, announced via a joint statement that, after 18 years of marriage, they have decided to separate. The couple have three children together. The Significance: Marriage is sacred. Regardless of what one thinks of Justin Trudeau’s credentials […]

The Value Of Life – The Dominion Report, July 29, 2023

Toronto Principal Commits Suicide Following Racism Allegation The Story: A family and community are mourning a beloved Toronto principal who committed suicide following alleged bullying and harassment during a University organized Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training session. After challenging the claims of the DEI presenter at a Toronto District School Board (TDSB) session, principal Richard […]

The Hands and Feet of Jesus – The Dominion Report, July 22, 2023

Toronto Churches Rescue Failing Refugee System The Story: Two Toronto churches are housing hundreds of refugees after government shelters turned them away due to overcrowding. Despite only having funding for 500 refugees, a recent influx has the City of Toronto seeking space for 3,000. As a result, the City has been turning asylum-seekers away from public […]

The Sound of Courage – The Dominion Report: July 15, 2023

Pro-Life Group Launches Legal Challenge to Parliament Hill Abortion Victim Photography Ban Pro-Life Group Launches Legal Challenge to Parliament Hill Abortion Victim Photography Ban The Story: According to court filings, the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) refused to allow Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a Canadian pro-life organisation, to display images of aborted fetuses during a recent […]