Truth Unwelcome – The Dominion Report, January 19, 2024

Global Affairs Department Pays for Surrogacy Expenses The Story: A gay Global Affairs employee has won an employment tribunal ruling regarding travel expenses for surrogacy births. Hugues Alexandre Moniz, based in Hong Kong, will be reimbursed for the cost of traveling to take a newborn baby boy from his birth mother via arranged surrogacy. While Global […]

No Question Allowed – The Dominion Report, January 13, 2024

Reporter Arrested During Interview with Deputy Prime Minister The Story: During an attempted walking scrum with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Rebel News reporter David Menzies was arrested after a plainclothes RCMP officer stepped into his path, caused a collision, and claimed Menzies had assaulted him. In a video of the altercation, Menzies can be seen […]

A country with no Justice – The Dominion Report, January 6, 2024

Jewish Deli Firebombed The Story: A Jewish-owned deli was the target of what seems to be an obvious hate-motivated attack. International Delicatessen Foods (whose sign says “IDF”) was the target of arson on Wednesday morning and police found “Free Palestine” graffiti spray-painted on the building.  The attack followed a week of so-called “pro-palestinian” protesters carrying […]

Burning – The Dominion Report, December 23, 2023

Alberta Introduces $6,000 Adoption Subsidy The Story: The Government of Alberta has introduced a one-time $6,000 subsidy to adoptive families to help cover the cost of adoption in the province. The program will be available to adoptive families making less than $180,000 a year and is expected to provide significant relief for families adopting through […]

Why Bother Protecting Kids? – The Dominion Report, December 16, 2023

Anti-Pornography Bill Passes House of Commons Vote The Story: A Bill implementing meaningful age-verification to protect children from online pornography has passed Second Reading in the House of Commons, sending it to the committee stage.  Bill S-210 mirrors efforts in Europe, Australia, and the United States to implement obstacles to stop minors from accessing online pornography. […]

Religion and Cowardice – The Dominion Report, December 9, 2023

BC Man Dies by Assisted Suicide After Failing to Receive Cancer Treatment  The Story: 52-year-old BC man Dan Quayle has died by assisted suicide after failing to receive timely treatment for an aggressive and painful form of cancer.  In B.C., just one in four cancer patients receive therapy within 28 days of a diagnosis—despite Government efforts […]

They’re hunting our children – The Dominion Report, December 2, 2023

Prince George RCMP Urge Parents to Discuss Sextortion After 12-year-old’s Suicide The Story: The Prince George RCMP are urging parents to talk to their children about the prevalence of sextortion after a 12-year-old boy committed suicide in Prince George, BC. Sextortion is an increasingly common crime that takes place when a person is contacted online […]

Will kill for free – The Dominion Report, November 25, 2023

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Christmas is Discriminatory The Story: The Canadian Humans Rights Commission has released a report claiming that celebrating Christmas is discriminatory and rooted in “Canada’s history of colonialism.” The report lists “Christian” among other common identities that supposedly lead to discrimination, including “male,” “white,” “gender conforming,” and not being disabled. The report […]

The Battle For Life – The Dominion Report, November 18, 2023

Dedication: In the early hours of Monday morning, Indi Gregory, a precious little girl made in the image of God, died in a British hospice with her parents at her side—murdered by a court-ordered removal of life support. This edition of The Dominion Report is dedicated to her memory. We pray for her family, for the repentance of […]