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What happens in a Godless country – The Dominion Report, April 20, 2024

Quadrapeligic Man Dies by Assisted Suicide After Failing to Receive Care

The Story: A Quebec man has died after the suffering he was put through in hospital led him to choose to be killed through doctor assisted suicide. Normand Meunier, who was injured in 2022 and had lost the use of his arms and legs, had been admitted to hospital in January for a respiratory virus.

During his hospital stay, Meunier was left on a stretcher in the emergency room for four days. Due to his being unable to move for 95 hours, he developed bed sores that became so severe that bone and muscles became exposed and visible. Facing an incredibly bleak prognosis after several months, Meunier opted to end his suffering by choosing assisted suicide.

The Significance: The tragically rapid adoption of death as healthcare is highlighted by every single case of so-called “medically assisted death.” This case, however, also highlights how our rapidly failing healthcare system is not only feeding the industry of government-sponsored suicide, but that MAiD is a cover-up for that failing healthcare system. 

The hospital that left Normand Meunier in his bed for four days without caring for him, the politicians who vote to maintain our healthcare system’s status quo, and the doctors and nurses who should have treated him but didn’t—none of them will ever have to look Normand in the eye again. They can’t. He is dead.

The evidence of negligence in this case has been literally buried. And our taxpayer dollars paid for it.

Read More: Rachel Watts, CBC News, “Quadriplegic Quebec man chooses assisted dying after 4-day ER stay leaves horrific bedsore

Federal Government Releases Budget 2024

The Story: Unveiling the Federal Government’s annual budget, Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland announced that government spending will increase by 10% over the next two years. This spending spree, which comes at a time of affordability concerns, low investment, and stagnant growth, will be funded by growing deficits and higher taxes.

Budget 2024 introduces or modifies several taxes, but the largest of these changes concerns taxes on capital gains—certain profits made by individuals or corporations. While this move has been promoted by the Liberals as “taxing the rich,” many of those with more modest means will also have to pay. More significantly, however, this now means that, for every dollar generated by a business, Canadian governments collect a minimum of 52 cents—among the highest rates in the developed world.

The Significance: The morality of a government taking over half of everything generated by a business may be debatable, but what is not debatable is the immoral use of much of that money.

Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE), for example, is alloted $12 million in additional funds in Budget 2024. In 2023, WAGE spent $3 million on LGBT pride events, half a million dollars to develop a database tracking opponents of transgender ideology, and covered much of the cost of Egale Canada’s lawsuit against Saskatchewan’s Parental Rights Legislation.

The budget also includes a litany of special funding for identity politics groups, including for “racialized, Indigenous, and 2SLGBTQI+” youth. While some of the projects receiving special funding may be worthwhile in their own right, the underlying ideology is one of division, not the unity that comes with understanding our equal worth as God’s image bearers. 

Once again, the Liberal Government has proven that they are ungodly, imprudent, and not worthy of being stewards of God’s authority.  

Read More: William Robson, Financial Post, “Opinion: The budget got one thing right — living standards are slipping. Then it made things worse” 

Health Canada Closes Investigation into International Abortion Pill Distributor

The Story: Health Canada has closed its investigation into international abortion pill distributor Women on Web after finding that the organization does “not directly provide medical services, nor sell, distribute, prescribe, import or export any drugs (including mifepristone and misoprostol pills…as such, non-compliance with the Food and Drugs Act and/or its regulations was not identified.” According to its website, Women on Web “has supported more than 100,000 people to access safe and affordable online abortion care.” The organization offers abortion pill “services” to women around the world and relocated its headquarters from the Netherlands to Canada in 2016.

The Significance: Despite Health Canada’s assurances that Women on Web has not violated any federal health regulations, the reality is that a Canadian-based organization is actively facilitating the procurement of abortion drugs for women around the world. This disturbing reality should invoke righteous anger in federal bureaucrats tasked with attending to the creation and enforcement of health regulations. Their failure, however, is unsurprising given that Canada remains the only Western nation with no abortion laws. This is likely also the reason that Women on Web chose Canada as the location for its headquarters—the same nation that has not bothered enacting a single abortion law is also a nation that is very unlikely to enforce health regulations against international abortion pill distributors. The Government of Canada has been instituted by God to function as a terror to bad conduct (Rom. 13:3). Sadly, they have instead become a terror to preborn children in Canada and the entire world.

Read More: Anna Farrow, The Catholic Register, “Health Canada finds no wrong in online abortion pill”

Manitoba Premier Considers Removing God from Legislature Prayer

The Story: While speaking at a multifaith “leadership breakfast”, Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew asked assembled religious leaders to consider whether the daily legislative prayer, which has been offered in the Manitoba legislature since 1937, should be replaced. The Premier asked, “is there a way that we could preserve the space for those who believe in God, and people such as myself who pray every day, but also to be more inclusive—inclusive of different faith traditions, but also inclusive of people who pride secularism in our society, people who may define themselves as atheists or non-believers?” The current prayer is addressed to “Eternal and Almighty God.”

The Significance: Premier Kinew’s threat to empty the Legislative prayer of its monotheistic content is far more than the removal of a relic from Canada’s Christian past. Instead, the Legislature is dangerously close to condemning themselves to a future of unanswered prayers.

If Manitoba’s provincial legislature would like to have their prayers answered, there is only one God who is able to do so. Praying to any other “deity” is superfluous. After all, the power of prayer isn’t in the personal feeling that may accompany the act; the power of prayer is in the all-powerful character of the one to whom we pray.

When we pray to God through Jesus Christ, we are able to bring our requests to the very throne of God—asking for good gifts, seeking his will, and receiving forgiveness for sins. 

When we pray to the carved idols of pagan religions, we receive only silence and store up the jealous wrath of the one true God whose glory we steal.

If the Government of Manitoba chooses to pray to a wide variety of false gods, they will—like the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel—tire themselves with appeals to false deities without receiving a single reply. Thankfully, however, God hears the prayers of the righteous and he has preserved for himself a faithful remnant of such men and women—even in Canada. 

Read More: The Canadian Press, “Manitoba legislature prayer may be changed to be more inclusive, premier says”

Quick Hits 

“Safe surrender” baby box now available in Calgary: Calgary’s first safe surrender location for mothers who want to surrender their newborn babies is now open. Located at the Children’s Cottage Family Resource Centre in Montgomery, the new “Hope’s Cradle” location was made possible by a non-profit that supports survivors of domestic abuse. As people who value life, the opportunity for mothers in desperate situations to surrender their babies to safe and loving care—rather than a local dumpster—is always good news. 

Read More: Steven Wilhelm, Calgary Herald, “Perfect match’: Gems for Gems, Children’s Cottage Society open Calgary’s first infant surrender site

Conservatives criticize NDP bill that would ban spanking: During parliamentary debate this week, Conservative MPs heavily criticized an NDP bill that would ban spanking in Canada. The bill, which has received support from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, would remove a section of the Criminal Code which protects the rights of parents to discipline their children: “Every schoolteacher, parent or person standing in the place of a parent is justified in using force by way of correction towards a pupil or child as the case may be who is under his care if the force does not exceed what is reasonable under the circumstances.”

Read More: Claire Marie Merkowsky, LifeSiteNews, “Conservatives ridicule NDP bill that would ban parents from spanking kids as real crime soars”

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