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Alberta Introduces $6,000 Adoption Subsidy

The Story: The Government of Alberta has introduced a one-time $6,000 subsidy to adoptive families to help cover the cost of adoption in the province. The program will be available to adoptive families making less than $180,000 a year and is expected to provide significant relief for families adopting through an agency—a process that can cost up to $15,000. 

The Significance: Alberta’s plan to encourage adoption by offsetting a portion of the cost is consistent with the Bible’s framework for good government. Peter tells his exiled readers to, “be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good” (1 Peter 2:13-14; emphasis added). God has instituted civil government to both restrain evil behaviour and promote good works. Modern governments are not exempt from this divine design and have a mandate to nurture a functioning moral ecology. Unfortunately, many Canadian governments have abandoned this mandate by choosing to subsidize and condone a litany of wicked activities such as abortion and assisted suicide while discouraging childbirth, adoption, and elder care. Alberta’s new subsidy is a hopeful beginning in the reversal of this trend. 

Every province in Canada fully covers the cost of abortion. At least one will now partially cover the cost of letting children live. 

Read More: Western Standard, “Alberta introduces $6,000 adoption subsidy to ease financial burden on families”

Ontario Court: “Groomer” Not Protected Speech

The Story: An Ontario Superior Court Justice has ruled that calling drag performers “groomers” is not legally protected speech. The ruling means that Brian Webster of Thunder Bay, Ontario, will now face trial to defend himself against accusations of defamation after he posted the following criticism of a CBC article on Drag Queen story hour:“….ASK YOURSELF WHY THESE PEOPLE NEED TO PERFORM FOR CHILDREN? GROOMERS. That’s the agenda. Just look at the face of the one child in the photo. Tells you all you need to know. Your tax dollars pay Jon Thompson to promote this stuff. #DefundCBC.”

Webster has stated that his posts were primarily directed toward the CBC’s reporting on the issue. He will now seek trial in front of a jury and has stated his belief that regular members of the public will be more reasonable.  

The Significance: Conversations about free speech are important and there are many misconceptions about the exact parameters of free speech protections. However, this story raises a more important question: if training young children in a specific sexual viewpoint that matches one’s specific sexual inclinations and desires is not “grooming,” which word is better? 

While that question is probably not at the forefront of the lawsuit Brian Webster is facing, it should be on the minds of Canadian Christians. Which word describes the tidal wave of sexual content aimed at our kids? Which word accurately describes online pornography, sexually violent TV shows such as Game of Thrones, and “performances” in which bearded men dress as sexually provocative women and interact with young children?

Brian Webster will have his day in court. His belief is that when he stands in judgment before his peers, he will be found without transgression. 

Christians know that one day we will stand before a perfectly righteous Judge to answer for our own actions. This Judge has stated that “it would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble” (Luke 17:2).

Is that the Judge we are worried about when it comes to what society is trying to do to our children?

Read More: Aidan Macnab, Law Times, “Anti-SLAPP motion dismissed: calling drag performers ‘groomers’ not public-interest expression”

Fourth Alberta Church Burns in Two Weeks

The Story: Arson is suspected after the sanctuary of Beiseker Level-Land Seventh-Day Adventist Church burned to the ground on the morning of December 20. The building was reportedly empty, and no injuries were reported. As of publishing time, no suspects have been arrested. This is the fourth Alberta church building that has burned over the last two weeks. 

The Significance: Church burnings have become so common-place in Canada that the Beiseker attack didn’t even receive an acknowledgement from the Prime Minister—let alone a unanimous condemnation in the House of Commons.

Over 80 Canadian church buildings have been vandalized or burned following a yet-unproven claim that the bodies of 215 children were found in the apple orchard of the Kamloops Indian Residential School. The lacklustre response to the initial church burnings—including high-profile Liberal operative Gerry Butts’ comment that the arsons were “understandable”—signaled to both anti-Christian activists and petty criminals that Christian Churches are open game.

Given our culture’s growing hatred of God, the attacks will likely only continue unless the crimes are seriously prosecuted. Christians are not of this world (John 15:19) and we should be ready for persecution and unfair treatment, praising God for the joy of suffering for Christ’s sake. 

Read More: Sharon Dierberger, WORLD, “Grave assumptions: Claims of mass burial sites in Canada spark rash of church arsons”

Quick Hit

Documents suggest Saskatchewan Government decided on pronoun policy after New Brunswick precedent, pressure from parents: Recently released documents from Saskatchewan indicate that the Government of Saskatchewan’s decision to require parental consent for childhood gender identity changes came after the Government received heavy pressure from concerned parents in the province. Among other things, the parents referenced New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs’ decision to become the first government in the nation to implement a similar policy. As it turns out, positive pressure from good constituents matters. 

Read More: Quinn Patrick, True North, “Documents reveal Saskatchewan pronoun bill the result of concerned parents.”

An Ontario Court has ruled in favour of the Waterloo School Board in dispute over school library content: The Court determined that the school board was justified in silencing former trustee Carolyn Burjoski who began criticizing some school library books for making childhood gender transition seem “cool”. The board also ruled against trustee Mike Ramsay who defended Burjoski and was also silenced. Burjoski and Ramsay will be responsible for paying a total of $12,500 in court costs. 

Read More: Michael Higgins, National Post, “Woke school board has court’s blessing to weaponize code of conduct”

A Truth To Consider

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