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Canadian-based company shared over 700,00 abuse videos

The Story: Emails obtained in an ongoing court case have revealed deep malpractice at MindGeek—a Canadian headquartered company which left hundreds of thousands of videos of abuse, child pornography, and other illegal content online. MindGeek, recently renamed Aylo, removed nearly 75% of hosted videos on their flagship site, Pornhub, after increased media scrutiny about the amount of PornHub content featuring abuse, trafficking victims, and minors.

The emails revealed that no video was reviewed until it had been flagged by more than 15 users. It was further revealed that there was a backlog of more than 700,000 videos and only one employee had been tasked with reviewing them. 

The Significance: The majority of Canadians have seen pornography, making this revelation doubly distressing. 700,000 is a nearly unfathomable number of abuse videos—1 in 19 of all videos on the site. Considering the high threshold for review, however, it is reasonable to believe that many of the 10 million deleted videos were likely illegal content as well. 

It is extremely unlikely for someone to have watched pornography without accidentally consuming abusive content. Devastatingly, this means that millions of Canadians are accomplices in that abuse. The people in these videos are intrinsically valuable human beings, created in the image of God. This should drive everyone  embattled in a pornographic habit to seek healing. 

Canada currently has a bill in the House of Commons that would bring in meaningful age-verification for porn access. Reports indicate that some US states which have implemented similar legislation have seen an 80 percent decrease in porn consumption. Other states have seen porn sites simply block access altogether rather than cooperate. Every Canadian should contact their Member of Parliament and encourage them to vote for this legislation. 

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No bodies found at former residential school site in Manitoba

The Story: An investigation into 14 “anomalies” discovered in the basement of a Manitoba Catholic Church by ground penetrating radar (GPR) was ended after no bodies were discovered. The Minegoziibe Anishinabe requested assistance from the RCMP and a provincial task force after discovering the “anomalies” at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church near the site of the former Pine Creek Residential School.

In July, a year-long investigation by the RCMP concluded that there was no evidence of criminality, a conclusion that was reinforced when the excavation found no trace of human remains in the church’s basement. This is the third GPR-anomaly site associated with residential schools where a follow-up excavation discovered no bodies. 

The Significance: In May of 2021, Canada was gripped by the news that 215 children’s bodies had been found using GPR at the site of the Catholic-operated Kamloops Indian Residential School.

Outside of known graveyards, however, no bodies have been found at any location where GPR was used, leading many to conclude that the claims of grave discoveries were mistaken at best. There has been no excavation in Kamloops.

Over 80 church buildings—including many ministering to Aboriginals—were burned in retaliation for these “crimes.” Canadians have become so distrustful of anything Christian that they willingly and, without real evidence, accepted the claim that Catholic priests and nuns murdered children en masse.

In a way, we owe Minegoziibe Anishinabe Chief Derek Nepinak thanks for having the courage to do a proper investigation and to announce those findings nationally, as it has finally resulted in a conversation about the need for evidence before we condemn one another as murderers. 

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Canada’s legal system fails to deliver justice

*This story contains graphic and distressing content

The Story: Tyriq Kootenay of Morley, Alberta, recently pled guilty to murdering his six-month old daughter by crushing her head against a wall while intoxicated and high. He had also beaten his 18-month-old daughter and his girlfriend, who had fled the house to seek help. Kootenay pled down to manslaughter and will serve a 10-year sentence—only 7 years after time served. His “youth” and “life experience on the First Nation” were considered as mitigating circumstances.

Elsewhere, a Nova Scotia man (name not provided) won repreive against charges of criminal incest with his mentally disabled daughter. The abuse resulted in the birth of a baby with severe medical and genetic complications. Prosecutors sought 4-6 years, but the provincial Court of Appeals ruled that the man, a black Canadian, will only be required to serve 2 years of house arrest. The Court made this ruling primarily due to a “context of historic factors and systemic racism.”

The Significance: In the criminal sense, justice has three purposes: the preservation and protection of the common good of society, the restoration of public order, and the restoration or conversion of the offender. Every offense against justice requires restitution. By this standard, however, Canada does not have a justice system, we have a legal system.

While previous generations would have justly convicted a child murderer to death for his actions, or more recent generations would have given him life in prison, in today’s Canada, he will be eligible for parole before the daughter he murdered would have even become a teenager.

Society itself depends on justice. If we abandon that foundation, we should not be surprised to see our society collapse over the shifting sands.

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Leaked memos uncover federal mismanagement 

The Story: Leaked memos and emails have revealed that multiple issues now facing the Liberal government were known in advance. The emails also show that officials may have knowingly lied to the public about the issues.

As COVID restrictions were rolled back in 2022, passport backlogs became a serious problem that saw many Canadians miss events ranging from long-planned family vacations, to job interviews, weddings, and even funerals. Many Canadians were forced to stand in line at passport offices in the early morning hours to try to get an expedited application before the office closed at the end of the day. The Liberals repeatedly stated that this issue was due to overwhelming demand because of Covid. However. a leaked memo reveals they knew that was false.

An internal memo, published by Blacklock’s Reporter, shows they were fully aware the issue was due to 50% of staff who were working from home and another 20% who had quit during the backlog crisis.

More seriously, a different leak showed that over a year ago, Trudeau was sent a memo directly by the Secretary of the Cabinet indicating that the Liberal’s immigration policy since taking office in 2015 had directly resulted in a spike in housing cost, leading to the housing affordability crisis. In the year since the memo was sent, the Liberals have brought in over 1 million temporary and permanent new immigrants while seeking to cast blame elsewhere.

The Significance: Many Canadians might roll their eyes at this mismanagement from a government that has always seemed more focused on headlines than the daily lives of Canadians. However, this is more significant because the government outright lied about the cause of the passport crisis and maintained an immigration policy which they knew to be causing serious housing affordability issues. There is truly no more basic service a government has than providing passports for its citizens and the Liberals not only mismanaged the file, but also lied blatantly about it. 

The nature of politics means that sugar-coating, spin, and talking points are always going to be present, but outright lying to citizens ought to mean that the Government in question has lost the moral authority to govern. We must not get pulled into the low expectations of modern political behavior and instead remember “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal faithfully are His delight” (Proverbs 12:22).

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