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Conservatives Approve Multiple Socially Conservative Resolutions at National Convention

The Story: Gathered at the Party’s 2023 National Convention in Quebec City, Conservative members overwhelmingly approved multiple social conservative policy resolutions. One resolution, focused on protecting biologically-defined single-sex spaces, received 86% support from the delegates. Other successful resolutions include a policy condemning the expansion of assisted suicide to disabled individuals and another prohibiting gender transition surgery for minors. The successful resolutions represent a significant milestone in the history of a party that has historically shunned so-called  “culture war” issues in favour of a focus on the economy, affordability, and national security. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has not said whether he will implement the policies as Prime Minister. 

The Significance: The large margin of victory for many of the socially conservative policies indicates that the motions received support from more than just a highly-motivated social conservative base. This means that many of the policies’ supporters are the same individuals who would have opposed similar policies just a few short years ago—demonstrating a remarkable change in political disposition as many of the implications of radical gender and euthanasia ideology have become obvious. 

Sadly, however, one critical issue did not even receive consideration during the convention: abortion. Despite many positive advances on other issues, the protection of preborn human life remains an untouchable political hot potato for the federal Conservative Party. In response, Christians should encourage local Conservative MPs to support legislation to protect the most vulnerable Canadians while also drawing strength from the sudden success of other policies—which demonstrate that change is possible on controversial moral issues.The time to fight for life is now.  

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NWT Doctor Sanctioned Over Forced Sterilization 

The Story: Northwest Territories doctor Andrew Kotaska has apologized after being sanctioned for the forced sterilization of an Inuk woman. In 2019, Kotaska performed a surgery to relieve the woman’s abdominal pain and had permission to remove her right fallopian tube. However, Kotaska removed both fallopian tubes without permission and against the objections of other medical staff.

With hundreds of verified cases of forced sterilization of Indigenous women, this is not an isolated incident—with many forced sterilizations taking place as a result of overt pressure by medical authorities or as unauthorized “additions” to surgeries such as c-sections. Dr. Kotaska’s patient has filed a $6.5 million lawsuit against Kotaska and the Government of the Northwest Territories for the loss of her reproductive capacities. 

The Significance: Through assisted suicide and abortion, many Canadian healthcare professionals have deified themselves as arbiters of life and death. 

Given this usurpation of divine authority, we should not be surprised that some doctors have assumed the liberty to tell a woman that she does not have the right to be a mother. And, with hundreds or thousands of Indigenous women having also been forcibly sterilized, it is reasonable to believe that race is a factor.

Without a fully-orbed, Christian understanding of human dignity, atrocities such as these are far too easy to justify and the very concept of “healthcare” loses all meaning.

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Reports: Multiple Convicted Murderers Released on Day Parole Against Advice

The Story: A Vancouver man who murdered his own daughter, and whom experts had repeatedly warned is extremely volatile, stabbed three people after receiving an unsupervised day-pass from a psychiatric facility.

Elsewhere, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) is calling for the resignation of the entire Parole Board of Canada after revelations that a man who was supposed to be serving a life sentence for the murder of a young indigenous girl was granted day parole against the advice of the Correctional Service of Canada. The man was later re-arrested for breaking parole conditions. 

The Significance: Although BC Premier David Eby has condemned the release of the Vancouver man, and others have expressed outrage over the Parole Board’s decision, the stark reality is that Premier Eby’s NDP Government—in addition to the Federal Liberals—has been operating on a perpetrator-friendly criminal justice model for several years. 

While compassion is an excellent quality, and rehabilitation is a worthy goal, the justice system exists to deliver justice. Anything less is a fundamental failure. 

The BC Government’s failure in this regard is so stark that Vancouver, one of the most progressive cities in Canada, voted for a right-leaning mayor in 2022 thanks in-part to his promise to reverse course on “defunding the police.” We will be watching future elections very closely as more and more Canadians who do not typically vote for conservative politicians become concerned about public safety and the Canadian legal system. 

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Quick Hit

Pornhub executive claims governments don’t know how to close anti-abuse loopholes: An undercover reporter has released footage of a Mindgeek executive stating that the company, which owns pornhub, is aware of a serious loophole that is being exploited by “rapists and human traffickers.” The man, who claims he has worked for the company for over 10 years, and whose recently deleted LinkedIn page verifies that fact, says several co-workers and himself raised the concerns with top executives at the company. According to the man’s claims, the concerns were dismissed because removing the content would cost the company too much money. A just government would close the loophole or, better yet, shut Mindgeek down for good.

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