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On this Holy Saturday, we remember and mourn the death of Christ, by which we are saved if we trust in His Name, and we expectantly await His glorious Resurrection, through which we are promised eternal life

Poll Shows Canadian Belief in Afterlife, Denial of Resurrection

The Story: A new poll commissioned by Christian think-tank Cardus has highlighted Canadians’ belief in the afterlife, but denial of the resurrection. The survey discovered that a belief in an afterlife is at 60%—a drop of only six percent since 1950. Far less positive was the response to the question of the Resurrection of Jesus. Only 37% of self-identified Christians stated that they strongly agree the Resurrection is a true historical event. According to the survey, evangelicals lead the way at 70% belief in the Resurrection, with mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics coming in at 29% and 24%, respectively.

The Significance: The encouraging news for Christians is that a majority of Canadians are still open to the idea that there is more to life than our current existence in the here and now. Despite growing secularism and opposition to God, we should be emboldened to share the truth and freedom of the gospel to our fellow citizens, armed with the knowledge that a majority are open to spiritual reality.

The depressing and, frankly, condemning facts are the low numbers surrounding the Resurrection. While the numbers may be brushed away in part as simply representing people who “identify” as Christian despite never actually attending church or having any meaningful relationship with God, we should reflect on the sad fact that some people identify as Christians while denying the foundational truth of the Resurrection. That so many Canadians believe themselves to be Christians without understanding the gospel should concern us—causing us to question whether or not the freedom found in Jesus and the good news of his resurrection and victory over sin and death is actually making its way outside the walls of our church buildings.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). This latest poll shows us that there are a large portion of Canadians who are open to eternal life. In our efforts to help them enter the Kingdom, let us never hide the key.

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Conservative Student Forced Out of Queen’s University Election

The Story: Noah Mawji, a Queen’s University student running to be student union Vice President of University Affairs, has been disqualified after one of his running mates withdrew following a public pressure campaign over Mawji’s Conservative affiliations. Mawji and running mates Jason Kim and Nicolas Duque had been running uncontested before a group of students began urging their peers to vote “no-confidence” against the trio due to Mawji’s previous affiliations with the Conservative Party of Canada, Jewish groups Hillel and CJPAC, and his opposition to cancelling Sir John A. Macdonald.

The Significance: Opposition to particular candidates is nothing new, and students at a public university should be free to vocally oppose any student union candidate they would like. However, the pressure campaign that led to Mawji’‘s disqualification is significant for its lack of connection to any ideological differences. Rather than voicing their opposition to any of Mawji‘s stated positions or platform commitments, they cancelled him on the basis of his previous participation in some organizations and causes they have deemed unacceptable. Although Mawji‘s membership in the groups is not morally wrong, the student organizers clearly believe he is guilty by association. Despite claiming to be secular, they believe in a false immorality and that atonement is necessary for these sins. However, this atonement is only possible through sufficient progressive activism. Thankfully, this false gospel is contrary to the message of the true gospel wherein Jesus Christ bore our sins in his body on the cross once and for all. This Easter, let us embrace that good news and reject the false claims of this world’s false gospels. 

Read More: Élie Cantin-Nantel, True North, “Son of refugees forced out of Queen’s student election for being Conservative”

Chinese Military Hacker Allowed to Become Canadian Resident

The Story: Lieutenant Colonel Huajie Xu is a 20-year veteran of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and former member of and instructor for the PLA’s cyber warfare department. As of 2021, Xu is also a permanent resident of Canada.

Xu’s former PLA department has repeatedly launched cyber attacks on foreign and Canadian institutions, and has helped enable and cover up the ongoing Uyghur genocide. Their cyber warfare department is considered a very high security risk by the Canadian government.

Immigration officials were aware of his military past but did not initially bar him from entry or block his permanent residency. After a recent court decision, however, the CBSA will be allowed to renew their efforts at deporting him.

The Significance: This report follows the release of documents on CCP-connected scientists who were fired from Canada’s virology lab. Former Iranian government officials have also been found pursuing permanent residency in Canada despite Iran being a well-known sponsor of terrorism. On top of all this, Canada added nearly 1 million new immigrants in only 9 months.

All of these issues paint a clear picture of a government that has lost control of its borders – possibly even intentionally. Nearly a decade ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau famously stated that Canada had “no core identity” and was the first “postnational” state. This runs completely counter to the traditional Christian worldview which requires leaders to place the common good of the nation—including controlled immigration and cultural coherence—above worldly ideologies.

Prime Minister Trudeau, whether he recognizes it or not, is wielding authority given to him by God (Rom. 13:1-7). He will have to answer for his actions if he misuses that authority to shelter evil men.

Read More: Stewart Bell, Global News, “Winnipeg man was member of Chinese military branch behind cyber attacks on Canada, officials allege”

Crime Statistics: Toronto Auto Thefts Have Doubled Since 2021

The Story: A massive spike in auto thefts in Toronto has inspired a growing number of Torontonians to install retractable bollards in their driveways. According to crime statistics data from the Toronto Police, auto thefts have nearly doubled since 2021 .

Toronto Police have been largely incapable of dealing with the crime surge, even telling Toronto residents to leave their car keys in the hall to avoid home invasions.

The Significance: These are the consequences of decades of weak courts and nearly a decade of a weak Federal Government. The Federal Government, responsible for criminal law, seems more interested in threatening life in prison for hurting feelings on the internet than they are with stopping crime, while our courts constantly invent theoretical situations to throw out sentencing laws.

Our leaders do not take the heavy burden of lawmaking seriously enough, as evidenced by their efforts to force Senators to vote on a spending Bill without allowing them to read it. Both this and the general lawlessness are better examples of a failed third-world government than of the “peace, order, and good government” for which Canada has historically been known.

Sadly, this is all expected. When a society rejects God as lawgiver in the name of humanist rationalism, it will not be long before they begin to reject just laws that mirror his justice and instead try to craft laws after their own likeness.

Read More: Joshua Chang, The National Post, “People are installing bollards in their driveways to protect their cars from thieves in Toronto”

Quick Hits

Calgary woman with autism granted right to be killed: A Calgary judge has granted a  27-year-old woman with autism the right to access assisted suicide. The woman’s father had filed an injunction to stop his daughter from being killed, arguing that no proof had been given that her death was imminent or that she met the threshold based on suffering. However, the judge stated that stopping her from accessing assisted suicide would lead her to attempt suicide in other ways.

The idea that we should be more worried about how someone kills themselves rather than stopping them from doing so is shameful, evil, and to our national shame. As we celebrate the death of death this weekend, let us pray and ask the Lord to help us change our society from its current worship of death itself.

Read More: Kevin Martin Calgary Herald Calgary judge rules woman with autism can seek Medical Assistance in Dying

Calgary Unitarians announces Easter Sunday drag performance: A Calgary Unitarian congregation has announced that they will host a drag show on March 31, which is both Transgender Day of Visibility and Easter Sunday. The event, titled “Drag Me to Church,” is being billed as a “sacred act of protest” and is open to people of all ages. This act of irreverence is unspeakably wicked and perverse. We pray that God would transform the hearts of these Unitarian congregants and draw them to a saving faith in Jesus’s death and resurrection—the true meaning of Easter Sunday. 

Read More: Michael Rodriguez, Calgary Herald, “Calgary church to merge drag show with Easter Sunday service as ‘sacred act of protest’”

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