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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Wife Sophie Announce Separation

The Story: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, announced via a joint statement that, after 18 years of marriage, they have decided to separate. The couple have three children together.

The Significance: Marriage is sacred. Regardless of what one thinks of Justin Trudeau’s credentials as a family man, the breaking-apart of a family is a tragedy. We should be praying for the Prime Minister, Sophie, and, especially, the three young children. The Trudeau children are not just dealing with their parents’ divorce but also with the added difficulty of public scrutiny, including friends and classmates who have heard media reports about the separation. 

This is also an important reminder of just how many marriages do not survive politics. An extremely high number of Members of Parliament and staffers lose their marriages due to Canada’s toxic political environment. This announcement should serve as a reminder to always pray for our Members of Parliament, while they attempt to lead the nation in an environment that attacks the most sacred relationships in their life.

Finally, the shock and expressions of sadness at the news of Canada’s most famous married couple splitting apart stands in sharp contrast to the flippant view of the institution of marriage that most non-religious Canadians pretend to have. If divorce is routine and people are indeed free to enter and leave marriages at their whim, why should people experience any surprise or express any sadness at the end of anyone’s marriage? The reality is that people know—deep in their core—that the divine mystery  represented in marriage is sacred and the tearing apart of families is always tragic, regardless of what anyone wants to believe about marriage.

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Tech Giants Begin Removing News Content In Response to Bill C-18

The Story: In response to the Liberal Government’s Bill C-18, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced that they will be blocking news for users in Canada across all platforms. This comes shortly after Google announced they will remove news links from search results in Canada.

Bill C-18 requires internet giants such as Facebook and Google to pay news agencies for content shared on their platforms but does not require the companies to continue hosting news links. In response, the Trudeau government has pulled its advertising from Meta’s platforms. The Liberal Party, however, continues to advertise on both Facebook and Instagram.

The Significance: Christian citizens have a responsibility to hold government officials to account, which requires good information on public affairs. Furthermore, a free and accessible press is necessary for the fulfillment of civic responsibilities and the Federal Government’s irrational legislation has restricted that freedom. Meta and Google warned the Canadian government that Bill C-18 was unworkable and would result in news being removed from their platforms. Minister Pablo Rodriguez refused to listen, however, and claimed that the two companies were “stealing” from news organizations by allowing links to articles. When Meta responded by removing the “stolen” links, Rodriguez called it “bullying”.

This power struggle will cause Canadian news companies to lose millions in revenue and free advertising, making them even more dependent on the federal government for their continued existence. This will allow the Trudeau Government to choose which news sources receive funding, disincentivizing news companies from negative coverage of his actions.

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Alberta Man Requests Assisted Suicide After Failed Gender Transition Surgery

The Story: Lois Cardinal, a biological man currently living in St. Paul, Alberta, has requested assisted suicide after failed vaginoplasty surgery. Speaking about the procedure’s effects, Cardinal said, “It’s taking this psychological burden on me. If I’m not able to access proper medical care, I don’t want to continue to do this.” Currently, doctors have refused Cardinal’s requests for MAiD. However, Canadian law lists “irremediable suffering” as a legitimate prerequisite for assisted death and it remains unclear whether Cardinal will be able to access the procedure in the future. 

The Significance: Cardinal’s story highlights the tragic effects of two post-Christian cultural practices—assisted death and gender transition. Although both practices promise freedom from pain and despair, Christians know that no man-made attempt at divine intervention—whether transgender surgery or assisted suicide—can wash away the brokenness of human nature and the emptiness of the human heart. Only the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has the power to renew bitter hearts and pay for the sin that has left us miserable. In a world of constant bad news, let us never fail to proclaim the good news that salvation can be found by repenting and trusting in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Christians should always fight for good policy in the public square, but if we abandon the hope of the gospel in search of “unifying language,” we will abandon the only hope that people truly have for healing and wholeness.

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Alberta Court Rules Against Government Covid-19 Response

The Story: An Alberta court has ruled that the Alberta Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic violated the province’s Public Health Act. According to the Court, the Cabinet—and not Chief Medical Officer of Health Deena Hinshaw—had final decision-making authority on public health-related restrictions, a contravention of the Act. According to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, this decision may lead to the withdrawal of currently-active pandemic-era charges—including charges related to the violation of worship gathering restrictions.

The Significance: Times of crisis often provide apparent justification for the Government to overstep its jurisdiction. As with Covid-19 restrictions, these excesses are often popular and appear to be appropriate. However, the extremes of governmental interference during Covid-19 are a warning about the dangers of putting one’s faith in princes (Ps. 146:3)—princes that too often claim more authority than they have been given. 

Most importantly, however, the Covid-19 response should teach us about the fragility of religious liberty and remind Christians that the political right to live Christianly is not easily maintained. Let us pray for our government officials, for boldness in all circumstances, and for courage to stand even when religious liberty is threatened. 

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Alberta Town Bans Delivery of Fetal Images

The Story: The town of Strathmore, Alberta, has passed a by-law that prohibits the distribution of fetal images. The by-law, which received support from all five councilors who were present, passed all three readings in a single meeting that lasted just over 21 minutes. 

The legislation’s definition of “fetus” applies to all fetal images—including non-abortion-related photos—and applies to all mammals—not just humans. This means ultrasound photos of baby whales are prohibited while ultrasound photos of baby sharks are acceptable. 

The Significance: The significance of this legislation is the hastiness with which Strathmore’s Town Council passed the by-law. In an effort to ensure that disturbing yet revealing images of abortion would not be shared at doorsteps in the town, the Council passed a by-law with questionable constitutionality simply to hide the truth about abortion. In fact, when asked if the new by-law interferes with Canada’s Charter of Rights, the Town’s Administrator replied, “So we haven’t had a legal review done on this…it’s basically Calgary’s by-law.” 

Evil is difficult to face but we must face it. Five councilors passing a by-law to hide fetal images does not change the violent nature of abortion—it simply reveals the cowardly nature of their character. 

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Six Calgary Church Members Perish in Alberta Plane Crash

Two Calgary churches are mourning after losing six members of their respective communities in a tragic plane crash. At least three young fathers are among the lives lost—including one who was expecting his first child. We pray for their families and for Harvest Hills Alliance Church and RockPointe Church as they cope with this tragic loss of life, asking God to grant peace that no worldly consolation can provide.

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