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Pro-Life Group Launches Legal Challenge to Parliament Hill Abortion Victim Photography Ban

Pro-Life Group Launches Legal Challenge to Parliament Hill Abortion Victim Photography Ban

The Story: According to court filings, the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) refused to allow Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a Canadian pro-life organisation, to display images of aborted fetuses during a recent press conference on Parliament Hill. In an email sent after the ban’s implementation, PPS informed the group that the graphic images contravened Parliament Hill’s obscenity standards. In response to the ban, CLC has announced their decision to file a constitutional challenge against the PPS.

The Significance: Parliament Hill’s decision to prohibit the use of abortion victim photography demonstrates the graphic truth: abortion is the poisoning and dismemberment of a defenceless human being. Because of this, abortion proponents cannot risk the public display of images portraying the procedure they defend. The worldview of the Sexual Revolution argues that abortion is nothing more than the protection of bodily autonomy and the promotion of women’s healthcare, yet even the best argument for abortion is shattered by one picture of a bloody, decapitated baby. 

In response, Christians should carefully and wisely use graphic images to expose the sin of abortion. As Paul urges the Church at Ephesus, “take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Eph. 5:11). These images expose the abortion lie that even the secret, sterile confines of a private clinic cannot hide. The truth will set you free, and the sooner Canadians see the truth, the sooner Canada’s abortion nightmare will end.

Read More: Anthony Murdoch, LifeSiteNews, “Trudeau’s Parliamentary police sued for banning abortion victim photos at March for Life event.”

Local Mom Starts Grassroots Campaign to Support New Brunswick’s Parental Rights Policy

The Story: A New Brunswick mother is organising a campaign to support Premier Blaine Higgs against insider attempts to remove him as PC Party Leader. As pushback continues against Higgs’ policy to require parental consent for childhood gender transition, longtime organiser Faytene Grasseschi has started “Don’t Delete Parents,” a campaign to support Premier Blaine Higgs, advocate for increased school choice, and promote policies that protect parental authority.

The Significance: Although national polling has confirmed that a majority of Canadians support the New Brunswick policy, many Canadians who affirm parental rights are also not involved in politics. Because of this, the formation of Don’t Delete Parents is an encouraging development. This movement will both help Premier Higgs and show politicians across the country that many Canadians will support their campaigns if they take a stand for children. Christians seeking to faithfully steward their responsibilities in a democratic nation should consider joining—or starting—a grassroots movement to support any politician who publicly defends righteousness. 

Read More: Elie Cantin-Nantel, True North, ”Don’t Delete Parents founder predicts parents will push Higgs to victory if leadership review unfolds.”

Calgary Church Launches Biblical Alternative to “Drag Queen Story Hour”

The Story: A Calgary Church has launched an alternative to “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Fairview Baptist Church, led by Pastor Tim Stephens, started “True Readings from True Royalty” to help children celebrate the beauty of God’s design for boys and girls. According to the event’s description, “we read books consistent with what our heavenly King has said. As we read these books we are celebrating the pinnacle of God’s creation—humanity. We celebrate that God made boys and girls. Boys and girls reflect the image and beauty of God. That means, He made you to be you for a great purpose!” The inaugural reading took place on June 29.

The Significance: By refusing to acknowledge the goodness of God’s creational order, the Sexual Revolution has severed human identity from God’s design for the body. Tragically, this separation has destroyed the lives of countless men, women, and children, who are now living in biological and relational confusion. With “True Readings from True Royalty,” Fairview Baptist offers an alternative to these dark sexual catechisms. God’s design for gender and sexuality is good news and should be taught regularly in accordance with Scripture’s command that “these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise” (Deut. 6:6-7).

Read More: Adam Soos, Rebel News, “Christian alternative to Drag Queen story hours goes nationwide.”

Toronto Mother Killed Outside “Harm Reduction” Facility 

The Story: Damian Hudson, a paroled criminal who possesses a long record of violent and drug-related crimes, is accused of killing Toronto mother Karolina Huebner-Makurat with a stray bullet. According to reports, Huebner-Makurat stumbled into a turf war between Hudson and two apparent drug dealers outside a “safe-injection” site. These locations are valuable to drug dealers as they provide a reliable stream of vulnerable addicts, some of whom have reportedly sold government-supplied drugs to purchase street drugs. Huebner-Makurat’s murder comes amid increased violence near safe injection sites, alleged government censorship of drug-related research, and safe supply drugs potentially killing a teenager

Rather than reconsidering the harm reduction program, the federal government has expanded it via a grant of nearly $130k to promote awareness of “chemsex,” the practice of using drugs such as ecstasy and methamphetamine to increase sexual pleasure. Health Canada has specifically targeted the program to the “gay/bisexual community.” 

The Significance: Harm reduction advocates often speak about “not judging” people with addictions. On the surface, this appeals to a Biblical sentiment. However, “judging,” in this sense, is different from the Christian understanding of the term and amounts to the sanitization of destructive, addictive behaviour. Leaving someone in their sin or, worse, actively affirming their sin for fear of being judgemental, is not merciful or Christ-like. When Christ met with sinners, He did not “affirm” their sins, but rather called them to repentance. 

Harm reduction is, at best, a utilitarian experiment—hoping that fewer people will die with it than without it. However, Christians are called to provide a higher standard of care and must demand that our leaders stop preventing those struggling with addictions from regaining control of their lives. We owe that to both addicts and innocent victims such as Karolina Huebner-Makurat. 

Read More: Sue-Ann Levy, True North, “Progressives silent after innocent mother gunned down outside Toronto injection site.”

Sound of Freedom Outperforms Box Office Forecasts 

The Story: The Sound of Freedom continues to prove that good movies about fighting evil are box office winners. After a surprisingly strong opening week, the Jim Caviezel film continues to surpass expectations. Based on the real-life child rescue operations of former CIA operative Tim Ballard, The Sound of Freedom led all movies in North America at the box office for the first half of the week and has since surged past $50 million in gross revenue. 

The Significance: This story has two major points of significance. First, the fact that an independently backed film is forcing theatres to add additional screenings is a clear message to the film industry that there is a real market for “conservative” and “Christian” films. More importantly, however, The Sound of Freedom has brought significant awareness to the issue of child sex-trafficking. Even the bizarre attacks of many mainstream media outlets have increased ratings and acted as a catalyst for viewers to confront the devastating reality of child sex-trafficking. As unpleasant as these topics are, however, we cannot be satisfied with the movie’s box office success. Instead, we must continue to fight modern slavery, protect children, and support the people who are combating this evil in Canada and around the world.

Read More: Lee Harding, Western Standard, ”Advocate says Sound Of Freedom movie mirrors disturbing trends in Canadian child-trafficking.”

Read More: Mark Daniell Toronto Star How Jim Caviezels Sound of Freedom took on Summer Blockbuster to become a box office hit

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