Weak leadership has consequences – The Dominion Report, March 23, 2024

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Pray with us: Catherine, Princess of Wales and, God willing, Canada’s future Queen, has announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We pray for her healing, for her husband and children, and for lasting peace from the Great Physician.

Supreme Court Denies Appeal From Manitoba Churches

The Story: The Supreme Court of Canada has denied the appeal of several churches who had challenged the Manitoba government’s prohibition of worship services during the Covid-19 pandemic. The appeal request came after the Manitoba Court of Appeal ruled that the restrictions were necessary and did not contradict Charter protections for religious freedom. 

The Significance: Interpreting the world through a purely material lens, the Supreme Court and the Government of Manitoba do not consider church attendance to be an “essential service.” However, the fellowship of the church is a good gift and cannot be forsaken for long periods of time (Heb. 10:25). Just as grocery stores and hospitals are essential for our physical nourishment, so also the local church is necessary for our spiritual nourishment. 

The Bible does not have any category for “lone-ranger” Christians who walk in isolation from their fellow believers. God gave his people local churches to help us persevere in the faith, spur one another on to good works, and remind us of God’s promises in Christ. 

Thankfully, no government in Canada currently prohibits the in-person gatherings of Christ’s church. Let us not take this freedom for granted—we dare not risk harm to our own souls by shunning this precious gift. This Sunday, leave worldly concerns behind and go to a Bible-proclaiming local church to worship the Lord with the people he has redeemed. 

Read More: The Canadian Press“Supreme Court of Canada will not hear appeal by Manitoba churches over COVID-19 rules”

Federal Government Proposes One-Week Postponement of Election Day 

The Story: A set of proposed amendments to the Elections Canada Act would move Canada’s next federal election from October 20, 2025 to October 27, 2025. The Government’s stated reason for the change is the initial date’s co-occurrence with Diwali, a major Hindu festival. However, The National Post has reported that dozens of MPs will receive lucrative pensions as a result of the date change. The full parliamentary pension, which MPs become eligible for after six years of service, would kick in on October 21, 2025 for several MPs who were first elected on October 21, 2019 (including cabinet ministers Steven Guilbeault and Anita Anand)—meaning that losing their seats on October 20, 2025 could cost them over $1M in eventual pension payments. 

The Significance: The Government’s proposed one-week postponement of the federal election may benefit Hindu voters; however, the benefit provided to Members of Parliament who are poised to lose the next election is far more significant. If those MPs wish to communicate that the proposed changes are only in the interest of Canada’s Hindus, they are free to renounce their fully-funded pensions, or could have just as easily moved the election date one week earlier, rather than later. God has entrusted governing officials with the high responsibility of serving and protecting the people within their jurisdictions. These men and women should be careful to place themselves above any accusation of financial profiteering—after all, “a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches” (Prov. 22:1). 

Read More: Tristan Hopper, The National Post, “Liberal plan to quietly delay election would secure millions for their doomed MPs”

Transgender Anarchist Claims Responsibility for Radio-Canada Vandalism

The Story: An anonymous post on the anarchist website Montréal Contre-Information has declared that a series of smashed windows at Radio-Canada’s Montreal headquarters is a response to the outlet’s critical coverage of the transgender movement. The trans-identifying author accused the French-language CBC arm of “transphobic rhetoric” and of having “blood on its hands.” The author also railed against the “framework of psychiatrization of transidentity,” indicating an objection to transgenderism being treated as a medical condition. The piece ended with a threat of additional violence should the coverage continue.

The Significance: While broken windows are a minor issue in isolation, this vandalism is part of a pattern of increasing antisemitic, anti-Christian, and politically-motivated violence within Canada. This violence is both a sign of a country which has lost its uniting principles, and a revolt against truth.

As Christians, we know that “the truth will set us free,” but that same freeing truth can be a blinding spotlight on false ideologies. Pro-abortionists demand censorship of abortion victim photography, drug legalization advocates hide behind mantras of “compassion,” and trans ideologues threaten any who expose the reality of their movement. We cannot allow ourselves to be cowed into silence, because we bear the responsibility of knowing who is behind these rebellions against the truth: the Father of Lies.

Read More: Isaac Lamoureux, True North, “Radio-Canada HQ vandalized over coverage of underage gender transitions”

Liberals Support Anti-Israel Motion After Chaos in Parliament

The Story: An NDP attempt for parliamentary recognition of Palestine devolved into chaos after the Liberals struck a last-minute deal with the NDP. The NDP, vocal critics of Israel, had originally proposed a motion to, among other things, recognize the statehood of Palestine and to end weapon sales to Israel. 

The Liberals were originally expected to vote against the measure but, just minutes before the vote, proposed 14 amendments which fundamentally changed the motion—eliminating recognition of Palestine but maintaining the denial of weapons for Israel in their fight against Hamas.

Conservatives, and even several Liberal MPs, protested the change of the motion at the last minute and Parliament had to be suspended while the Speaker considered whether the motion could proceed to a vote. The motion, which does not carry any requirement for the Government to follow through, was passed.

The Significance: This motion is the most blatant example so far of the Liberal Government’s attempt to play all sides. While the Liberal’s Jewish MPs were giving speeches in the House of Commons against the motion, their Party was covertly negotiating with the NDP to find a way to water down the motion enough to get away with supporting it. 

In international relations, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly offered conflicting positions on whether the government would stop selling lethal weapons to the tiny country which is still attempting to rescue over 100 hostages held by Hamas since the Hamas-perpetrated massacre on October 7, 2023. 

Domestically, the Liberals must take responsibility for their lack of backbone in standing against antisemitism. Within 24 hours of their vote, the Theatre hosting the Hamilton Jewish Film Festival had canceled the event and Montreal’s LaPresse had published a cartoon they later retracted as antisemitic—which the Liberal Heritage Minister refused to condemn. The concern among Jewish Canadians regarding the Liberals vote on Monday was that antisemites in Canada would take it as support for their actions. By Wednesday they had been proven right.

Read More: John Ivison National Post Liberals dodge a Palestinian bullet, but the NDP’s bill is yet to come.

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